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Nordic Hamstring Curl Machine

Updated: May 23, 2022

A Guide To Using the Outlier Nordic T-Bar "a game changer for Nordics on the go" Rhasidat Adeleke - Fastest Female Irish International Sprinter


Nordic Hamstring Exercise (NHE) is an eccentric exercise for your hamstring muscle groups. This means there is tension applied to your hamstring as it lengthens. NHE is used to prepare the hamstring muscle group for the demands of running fast where predominantly a strain of the hamstring occurs. By using the NHE it has shown to be effective in increasing hamstring strength and preparing you for the demands of running. Compliance to doing the NHE is key as it has been shown low compliance had greatest risk of hamstring injury. Could compliance be increased with the use of the Outlier Nordic T-Bar?

Common reasons why athletes stop doing the Nordic Hamstring Exercise (NHE) in season is muscle soreness and not having a partner to do the NHE. The Outlier Nordic T-Bar is your new partner, no more asking someone to hold your ankles.

  • It can be anchored with a gym rack, a door, a soccer goal, a running track fence (see the videos)

  • Adjust strap to your foot size

  • Feet against the door/gym rack/goals

  • Cushion under knees

  • Heels anchored under soft cushioned Nordic T-Bar

  • Pull up against the Nordic T-Bar and push against door

  • Lower down through the Nordic Hamstring Exercise

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