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Speed Performance Programme

Conor and I have a keen interest in returning athletes to high performance levels post injury.


We wanted to combine physiotherapy and strength & conditioning to create a service that provides the athlete with the best opportunity of high performance on return to play. 

The athlete will be assessed by recording their running mechanics, that is then analyzed, based off this a specific individual programme is designed to enhance their running


A baseline high speed running test is conducted and then re-tested after your programe. This is done with the latest GPS software. 


Who is this for? 

  • Athletes that play sports that require linear and multi-directional running.  

  • Athletes returning to play from muscle injuries and ACL injuries. 

  • Athletes having repetitive injuries.​

  • Athletes who want to gain an extra edge in their physical performance. 

What will I gain?

  • ​Increase sprint speed 

  • Improve running mechanics

  • Enhance performance

  • Become a better athlete


€80 per session that will last 45 minutes - 1 hour

Conor Shannon 

BSc. Sports & Exercise Science 

Masters Strength & Conditioning 

Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach Limerick GAA Footballers 2018 - 2021

Lead Athletic Development Coach Laois GAA U-20 Hurlers, 2021 - Present 

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