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About Physio Recovery Room

Damien Mc Mahon (MISCP, CORU), a chartered physiotherapist and owner of physio recovery room. Damien recently established  physio recovery room in June 2020. 

Damien studied at the University of Limerick where he qualified with honours degree as a chartered physiotherapist in 2017.

Damien has since been working in private practice, and "enjoys working with people and given them the best opportunity to recover from their pain, injury or surgery". The goal of physio recovery room is to guide you back to what you enjoy doing best. 

This will be done based on the clinical diagnosis of your pain/injury or type of surgery. Based off this a treatment plan will be designed for you. This will include exercises that will be emailed to you, with videos of each exercise and reason why you are doing these exercise will be explained in the clinic.  

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