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Available Services

A consultation with a chartered physiotherapist. 

You will receive the best advise and treatment and rehabilitation to recover from your injury or pain or post surgery 

Hamstring Strength Testing and CMJ Testing

You can avail of both hamstring testing with the hamstring solo machine and get you Counter Movement Jump Heights tested. 

This is great if you are returning from an ACL injury or hamstring injury. 

 The machine is a non-invasive treatment that reduces pain and increases recovery


 For conditions such as tendinopathy (shoulder, elbow, hip knee,& Achilles tendon) heel pain and plantar fasciitis

Speed Performance Programme

Conor Shannon a specialist in Strength & Conditioning with a keen interest in running mechanics and speed testing. 

This is ideal for the field sports athlete that wants to increase their speed on the pitch. 

Or the athlete that is returning to sport after an injury. 

Hamstring Solo testing is used by professional teams worldwide. 

It is a devise that allows the athlete to test their hamstring strength in both legs. 

Reduced hamstring strength is a risk factor for hamstring and ACL injury. 

If you have recently had an ACL injury, Physio Recovery Room specialize in ACL rehabilitation

You will be monitored throughout your return from ACL injury with evidence based strength exercises prescribed. 

You will be tested throughout your ACL rehab. 

ACL Rehabilitation 

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