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Physio Reformer Room, 4B2 Riverside Retail and Business Park, Quin Road V95 F983


085 179 4445


Glowfox on your app store and search physio reformer room, set up your account to accress timetable, memberships and classes

Reformer Pilates

Physio Reformer Room will be offering reformer pilates where the class is lead by a chartered physiotherapist. The aim of the class is to increase strength and flexibility using the resistance of the reformer pilates machine. 

Reformer Pilates is a machine based pilates class, it requires good balance and strength to control both the machine and yourself,  this is something that you can gain by starting at the appropriate level of training to suit you. 

Physio Reformer Room will be offering different levels of classes, if it is your first time you will have to complete an introductory class where you will be guided and safely thought how to use the machine and exercises that are thought using the machine. 

Level 1 will be for beginners where you have completed the introductory class and now you want to start classes. This may continue to be an appropriate level of training and you can attend as many of these classes as you wish. 

Level 2 will be advanced reformer pilates where it is an intense strength and flexibility workout. To participate in Level 2 you will have to be safe & confident using the machine and have completed a number of months in Level 1. 

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