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The Outlier Nordic T-Bar™️ from an idea to a real product

Updated: May 24, 2022

The Outlier Nordic T-Bar was designed and created by myself, Damien Mc Mahon a chartered physiotherapist in Ireland. The idea came from a discussion with a friend regarding the difficulty of setting up a Nordic Hamstring Exercise when programming for people to increase hamstring strength, reduce injury/pain and tightness.

From this discussion in 2020 I began researching devises that were available to purchase to assist the Nordic Hamstring Exercise. Having concluded from this search there was no affordable portable devise for people to use I the started a world patent search. After this once again there was no product available.

I started to design the Outlier Nordic T-bar based around the concept of the TRX, I needed a strong anchor for the heels while conducting the Nordic Hamstring Exercise. The cushioning of the Outlier Nordic T-Bar™️ was the most difficult section but eventually through trial of my protypes we decided and concluded with a final product. In 2020 the first Outlier Nordic T-Bar™️ (initially known as Nordic Hamstring T-Bar) was produced and used.

In February 2021 I then started retailing online the Outlier Nordic T-bar which was the first product worldwide to be designed to conduct the Nordic Hamstring Exercise that was portable enough to fit in your bag that only needed an anchor point of a door or a back bar of a rack.

To date the Outlier Nordic T-Bar™️ is been prescribed by physiotherapists to people who are suffering with hamstring tightness or hamstring injury.

It is been used by world class athletes to increase hamstring strength.

So if you are someone that has tight hamstrings stop stretching them and strengthen them with the Outlier Nordic T-Bar™️ "Strengthen to Lengthen muscles".

Users of Outlier Nordic T-Bar™️

- Post ACL injury/surgery (prescribed by physiotherapists)

- Hamstring Tendinopathy

- People that have weak and tight hamstrings

- Runners

- Walkers

- People that play field sports

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