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Return to walking/running after Achilles tendinopathy

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Running increases load on the achilles tendon 6-12 times your body weight

Walking loads the achilles tendon 3.5 x body weight

Therefore one should be able to walk before running.

Often pain is absent during activity, the next morning or few days after activity is best to monitor as pain can increase. The Pain monitoring model is an excellent way of monitoring and managing pain with increase in load.

If pain increases to above 5 over 3 days then you may need 3-5 days away from that level of activity but light loading between is important so walking or your rehabilitation exercises.

Keep a training Diary to log pain, intensity and exercises.

Don't just load the tendon, load glutes, quads, hamstrings the whole chain to reduce any strength and sports specific deficits. Soleus muscle weakness is associated with Achilles tendinopathy in runners (seated heel raises increase soleus strength)

See a chartered physiotherapist to help guide your rehabilitation

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