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Elite Hamstring Testing

Updated: May 24, 2022

Physio Recovery Room is one of the only chartered physiotherapist in the west of Ireland to offer Hamstring Solo testing.

The hamstring solo is able to identify your peak force for both isometric and eccentric contraction of the hamstring. This means that you will get an objective measure, a reading of your strength of your right hamstring and left hamstring. It will also compare to see if there is a deficit between your hamstrings.

If you have been struggling with hamstring injuries or you are unsure whether to return after a hamstring injury you should book in and get assessed. Stop the guess work of manual muscle testing and get tested like an Elite athlete.

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1 Comment

I would 10/10 recommend using hamstring solo testing because it helped me understand the strength of my hamstrings and then my physio could give me a rehab program based on my results, so I wasn’t doing too much or too little. Very accurate in my opinion!

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