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Knee pain!!!

🤓When running ⬆️ hip adduction ⬆️ risk of patellar femoral pain (PFP) (Neal et al. 2016).

🤓⬆️ hip adduction is increased in runners with Iliotibial band syndrome (Baker et al. 2018)

💪Gluteal medius muscle helps to control the pelvis in mid stance, foot is in contact with floor.

✅Slight hip hitch is encouraged, see first video where I lift my pelvis on my standing leg, only slightly should really feel the glute med working on stance leg

The goal of these exercises
✅⬇️hip adduction
✅⬆️Gluteal Medius strength
✅pelvic control in single leg stance

Knee crepitus!!!

🤓That crackle sound in front of your knee that may occur when you move it or walk ⬆️⬇️ stairs is not linked to a damaged knee (Robertson et al 2017).

🤓People that experience patellofemoral pain (PFP) will often report a sound in the front of their knee, but be reassured there is no link between knee crepitus & function, physical activity & pain (Silva et al 2018).

⭐️The knee joint will not be damaged if your active and experiencing crepitus, it is important to keep active & not to avoid movements⭐️

✅crepitus not equal to pathology
✅sound not equal to damage
✅keep active

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