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🏃‍♂️Hamstring Strain🏃‍♂️

Hamstring strains are common amongst sports that involve kicking and sprinting & high speed change of direction🏃‍♀️⛹️‍♀️

🤓Hamstring re-injury rates are as high as 30% within the initial 2 weeks after Return to Play (RTP) (Silder et al. 2013).

🤓Time lost to sport can be between 12 to 24 days (Hickey et al. 2017).

Before you do RTP it is important that you have completed :
✅ some eccentric hamstring exercises
✅ RTP running programme so the hamstring has been exposed to some high speed running prior to RTP.
✅that you ease back to training the first 2 weeks.
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🤔Pain free vs presence of pain during hamstring rehabilitation

🤓Avoiding pain during hamstring rehabilitation is not necessary (Hickey et al. 2019).

🏋️‍♀️Athletes conducting exercises with the presence of pain during rehabilitation had stronger hamstrings at a 2 month follow up having returned to play.

🤕Presence of pain was graded at 4/10 (manageable pain) where as the pain free group was advised to stop with presence of pain.

✅This is another example why we should not fear pain during rehabilitation.
✅It is ok to be aggressive with hamstring rehabilitation if you are progressing through the exercises.
🔑 don’t let pain dictate your rehab😃
✅Click link in bio to book your hamstring solo assessment

Nordic Exercises (NHE)!!!

🤷‍♂️A lot of athletes report they are doing NHE to ⬇️hamstring injuries🤕

🙆‍♂️Many also have a huge fear about implementing Nordics in a training programme!

🤓NHE ⬇️ hamstring injuries by upto 51% , that’s half a reduction in hamstring injuries (Van Dyk et al. 2019).

🤔Why would you not have the NHE in your training plan?

Low volumes of Nordic hamstring exercises have the same positive affect as high volume!!!

⏱Compliance is a huge part of strength training, if you can consistently perform an exercise with enough volume you will see strength changes.

🤓This study highlights this, after 6 weeks comparing a high volume (440 reps NHE) to a low volume (128 reps NHE) both groups increased eccentric strength & hamstring fascicles length.

🤓So by consistently doing the low volume training programme you will get stronger may even experience less DOMS & therefore be more compliant.

👏NHE are only one part of hamstring strength training but a very important part and should not be neglected.

🏋️‍♀️Low volume Nordic hamstring exercise!!!

🏋️‍♀️Excellent way of exposing yourself to the NHE to strengthen the hamstrings

🤕Low volumes have same benefits as high volumes, consistently expose yourself to the exercise and your body will build up tolerance and resilience

✅NHE are safe for your hamstrings key is consistency in your training

🤓10 well trained athletes performed Nordic hamstring exercise (NHE) (small sample size). Compared 1 minute & 3 minute rest period between sets.

🤓However..... with the 1 minute rest as the reps ⬆️ above 4 reps peak force reduced.

🤔Would this finding change your timing of conducting NHE i.e best to conduct at end of training rather than at the start?

🤔What’s your thoughts🤔
❓When is the best time to conduct NHE❓
🤓Use of NHE during pre-training and post training seemed to have a greater effect than just pre-training (Elerian et al. 2019).

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