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World Health Organisation (WHO) physical activity guidelines!!!

👏Illustrated is the 2020 guidelines for physical activity to benefit your health & wellbeing.

🤸‍♂️Physical activity for children & adolescents is important 60 minutes daily of moderate to vigorous activity!!!

🏃‍♂️2021 start today👏👏👏

Why, Exercise!!!

🚶These are some of the benefits to exercise.

💊If it was possible to put all the ingredients of exercise into one capsule, it would be the most sought after.

✅Schedule 2 x 15 minute walks into your working day. Don’t underestimate the steps you build up during these short bursts of exercise.

🙌Get up, Get out, Get Moving🙌

Reps & Sets!!!

🤔What is the best rep & set range?? It is & will continue to be discussed by healthcare/sports medical professionals around the 🌎

👏I find @getbacktosport work & this picture excellent. It makes a lot of sense.
Lift heavy, lift low reps & sets , lift consistently = gain strength
Lift a little lighter, little faster, lift low reps & little more sets, do consistently = power
Lift lighter, lift high reps = muscular endurance or new to strength training

The difficult decision lies why & when to do this🤔this is why you need sports scientists, strength and conditioning coaches & sports physiotherapist to guide you!!!

Repetitions, where you at???

Thank you for participating in the poll yesterday👏🙌the idea behind it was to see what rep range people exercise at for pre season!

The answer that was most answered was 10 reps, which is very common. But as you can see with the ❓ there is very little happening with regard strength & power. This should be one of the main goals of pre-season?

🏋️‍♀️Pre-season 4-5 reps be the ultimate goal as you can see both power & strength is increased during this phase. Weights should be heavy that your unable to do more than 5+ reps

Strength training reduces sports injuries by an average of 66%!!!

🏋️‍♀️⬆️strength training volume & intensity were associated with⬇️ sports-injury (Lauersen et al 2018).

🤓Trials were mainly soccer players been monitored

Strength training considerations

✅volume (loading the player enough)
✅timing (varies throughout season)

🤓“Mechanotransduction” is where the prescription of load can promote repair & remodelling of injured tissue.

🤓This is why we load our muscles, tendons & bones. Exercise and strength exercises help with ⬇️ muscle wastage & ⬆️ regeneration & remodelling of strong tissue prior to return to exercise.

💤🛏Total bed rest won’t help your tissues, yes sleeping in is very important > 8 hours, but so too is movement & exercises

🔑Is to find the correct dosage for this positive adaptation to occur at the correct time of your injury.

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