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"If you attend Damien you will have to work hard on your exercises, this is what has helped me get better" 

"During my ACL rehab Damien was there to support me with excellent exercise prescription and answer any questions regarding my ACL recovery" 

"Damien got me back running when I had given up hope of running again. I would always have waited to be pain free, I have learnt to manage my pain" 


Chartered physiotherapy consultation 

Specific exercise programme tailored to you & your injury/pain 

Shockwave therapy for pain relief for achilles tendinopathy, plantarfasciopathy, heel pain, patellar tendinopathy, and  tennis elbow

Treatment of musculoskeletal pain and injury

Hamstring Solo assessment & testing 

Pre & Post surgery assessment & testing 

Founder & Owner of "Outlier Nordic T-Bar" previously known as Nordic Hamstring T-Bar

see our online store in the headings for the "Outlier Nordic T-Bar" 


Damien recently designed the "Outlier Nordic T-Bar".


Great for people that run, participate in sports, that suffer with hamstring tightness, that need to increase hamstring strength. 


Available in our online store click photo


Physio Recovery Room treat people & athletes with pain or injury that require guidance during their path to recovery 

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